Update from Mesa 1.1 to 2.0.1

MESA 2.0 has a new installation system, and this new system is not compatible with the version 1.1.

MESA 2.0 includes 20 presets of Project Workspaces , that represents all the editable games that are powered by the Source Engine of Valve Software.

In the case you wish to use a preset of project workspace, instead of creating one or use the project workspace you used with MESA 1.1. ( not recommended )

You should follow the steps :

Open the maya.env , and remove the next lines :


Check if your Maya.env contains a path that points on MESA in you older modname_source with these lines :


If yes, simply remove them and do not forget that each path must to be separated by a semi colon ;.

When done, save the change made into the maya.env file.

Clean up your Project Workspace

Now we will just remove mesa scripts directory modname_source\mesa from your older project workspace, you used with MESA 1.1.

Simply delete this directory.

you should also delete the workspace.mel file at the root, this file will not being compatible with mesa 2.0.

After That you can just follow the installation documentation to install MESA 2.0.

Two Choices :

Important : You are working with the steam Workshop to publish Items and Weapons : ( using the default Mesa Project workspaces is greatly recommended ): Use the %MESADIR%/projects/GAME_PROJECT_NAME/ Workspace presets to store your source files (*.smd /*.qc / *.TGA) .

Important : You Are working with a mod project and want to keep your sources files out from the MESA directory .

  1. You must to know, which engine branches to use from this list :
  • Alienswarm
  • Mod 2006 Orange box
  • Mod 2006 Episode 1
  • Mod 2007
  • Mod 2013 SP
  • Mod 2013 MP
  1. Open the workspace that fit with the engine branch you wish to edit. ( ex : Mod_2013_MP )

  2. Copy the workspace.mel and the source_2013_mp.bat at the root of the directory where your Source files are stored. ( ex: c:\mymod\)

  3. Open Source_2013_MP.bat with notepad or like, and then adjust the paths of the %GAME_PROJECT%, %GAME_PROJECT_SRC% and %GAME_PROJECT_NAME%.

  4. Put the following line into comment : (add the two colons :: at the begin of the line)

::call "..\..\config\mesa_check_env.bat"
  1. Save the edits and Execute the Batch only after that MESA 2.0 installation is done.

Upgrade your older Scene made with MESA 1.1 . When you will load you Maya Scene and the mesa Panel, you should get this error message :

Warning :

Cannot get attribute smdInfo.Tips

To fix this, you simply have to click on Scene upgrade icon from the MESA shelf.