How the resource MUST to be structured

Each projects workspaces that are released with MESA contains all the items listed below, they are vital for MESA functioning.

Important Rules

  • Save your Maya scene for the active project into the Scenes directory.
  • Import the TGA files into the MATERIALSRC directory.
  • MESA will export the SMD and QC script files into the Active project (GAME_PROJECT_SRC/modelsrc/) and then compile this resources into the VPROJECT/GAME_PROJECT you set as window environment variables.

Project Structure

Set up the project workspace

The PROJECT_NAME.BAT will set the environment variables required by MESA and to export on that project directory.

Where to save you Maya scenes The SCENES directory is the place you MUST to save and organize your maya Scene into subdirectory as you need it to be

Save only .MB** or **.MA format file.

Where the SMD and QC script file goes when you export with MESA

The MODELSRC directory is the place where the SMD and the QC Scripts will be written on the disk, when you export/compile with MESA.

Where the texture file must to be imported

The MATERIALSRC directory is the directory where you can organized the textures assets (use subdirectories to manage the resource)

The Texture files MUST to be TGA format files. Using a different file format than TGA file, would simply lead MESA to not export the SMD files correctly.