Workspace for Dota 2

As mentionned into the guide overview, we will using Sourcefilmmaker to get the full tools functionnal mainly HLMV.

  • Open SFM launcher
  • Create a new mod that will will named, dota 2.

  • Go into the directory where you have installed MESA in Projects directory.
  • Duplicate Sourcefilmmaker folder and renamed it SFM_DOTA2 ( or ASW_DOTA2, in the case you choose ASW instead of SFM)

  • Open SFM_Dota2 folder
  • Rename Sourcefilmmaker.bat to SFM_dota2.bat and open the file to edit the content.

The paths must to fit with the paths of the directories that has been created by the “create mod”function of the SFM launcher.

SET GAME_PROJECT=%STEAMDIR%\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\dota_2
SET GAME_PROJECT_NAME="Source Filmmaker (dota 2)"
SET VPROJECT=%STEAMDIR%\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\dota_2

When done, save the edits and execute the batch with run as admin.

The tutorial is finish and you could continue the reading :

if you read the Dota 2 assets creation guide, click here to return to the summary of the Guide.

You should want to Extract the dota 2 Assets content from VPK files using GCFScape