MESA 2.0 is a suite of MEL Scripts to export and import 3d models for the Valve Source Engine with Autodesk Maya. This is the short name for Maya Exporter for Source Assets.

The objective of MESA, is to make the full asset creation process within Maya software interface. MESA can export static, physics, breakable, dynamic and ragdoll models, and supported bodygroups , It become easy to use maya to export to the source engine the NPCs (Monsters and Humanoid), Vehicles, Weapons and Items for your game.

MESA is written in MEL scripts. Actually all the scripts are originally designed for maya 4.5 by Valve software. MESA is a revamp and an improved version of the old Valve exporter.

MESA includes all modifications which was applied by Prall in his exporter version.

MESA is compatible with all recent versions of Maya ( 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 with x86 and x64 bits )

The MESA Shelf :

+ Maya Workspace + SMD Import
+ SMD Export + SMD Animations
+ LOD + Physic Mesh
+ VTA export (blend shapes) + Ref break
+ Phys_break + BodyGroups
+ QC export + VMT export
+ VTF Export + MDL Compilation


Games Branches List

+ AlienSwarm + Portal 2
+ Counter-Strike Global Offensive + Source Film Maker
+ Counter-Strike Source + Source 2006 Ep1
+ Day Of Defeat Source + Source 2006 OrangeBox
+ Dota 2 + Source 2007 Episodic/mp
+ Garry’s Mod + Source 2009
+ Half-Life 2 + Source 2013 Singleplayer
+ Half-Life 2 Deathmatch + Source 2013 Multiplayer
+ Left 4 dead + Team Fortress 2
+ Left 4 Dead 2