1. Download and extract MESA on the Hard Drive.

Open the file, and extract MESA-Master on the drive of your choice

Example : I use the drive K:/ on my computer.( Computer > K:/ > MESA-master )

Rename the directory from MESA-Master toMESA.

2.MESA Environment Setup

Go to “MESA/config” Directory, and right click on “Mesa_config.bat” file then Modify.

you should get that :

MESADIR, MAYAVERSION, and STEAMDIR are the only three paths we must edit.

You may refer to the list of the versions of maya :

  • 2016
  • 2015-x64
  • 2014-x64
  • 2013-x64
  • 2013
  • 2012-x64
  • 2012
  • etc..

Special case :

In the case of your STEAM install directory, in localized on one drive, and the game you want to create some assets, is localized on a STEAM library drive. You must to edit the MESA_config.bat and set the path to the STEAM library, not the Steam install directory.

Note : take care of the path you enter, don’t let a white space at the end of the paths.

  1. Save the file.
  2. Now you can Execute the Batch , but you must to Right click on the batch and choose, Run As administrator.

If every thing is going well, it should looks like that after you run the batch :

3. Install the MESA Shelf

Now we have defined the path of the version of maya, we can run the batch to copy the shelf at the proper place.

Maya 2012, 2013 and 2014 » Run “Mesa_shelf_install.bat”
Maya 2015 » Run “Mesa_shelf_install_2015.bat”
Maya 2016 » Run “Mesa_shelf_install_2016.bat”

The Batch will simply copy the Shelf from mesa installation directory, into your USER/documents/maya/VERSIONs/Prefs/shelves/shelf_mesa.mel

If the Script doesn’t copy the shelf, go to MESA/scripts/maya/prefs/shelves/ and then can copy manually the shelf to USER/documents/maya/VERSIONs/Prefs/shelves/. accordingly to the version of maya you are using.

(2015 and 2016 shelf are compatible)

Now if you run Maya, the shelf should display :

VERY IMPORTANT: At that moment of the installation, if you open Maya, the MESA’s shelf should appears with all the icons and the scripts should be sourced properly.

But the Paths Tab on the MESA main panel, should reported you some missing and invalid settings. (check the image below )

If this happens :

You must to quit Maya, and you must for setup the Project environment paths first. You cannot to export your scene to the source engine game of your choice at that moment of the installation.

Follow the Project Setup Tutorial to complete the installation !

Project Setup