Create a Source Engine Mod

Stage 1

Open the source SDK and Create a new mod.

You can choose between the first three options

  • Modify HL2 Single player
  • Modify HL2 Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer mod from template

Stage 2

1. The first path is the place where the mod Source file will be stored

The directory contains :

  • mapsrc
  • materialsrc
  • modelsrc

This path can be what you want ( ex : c:/mymod/ ).

This directory must not have a gameinfo.txt at his root.

2. the second string field to fill is the Name of your Mod project, as a directory in steamapps/sourceMods/ will be created with the name you choose.

Prevent to add space and exotic characters.

This is the directory of the final mod, the one you will launch from steam to run your Mod, and it contains :

  • maps
  • models
  • materials
  • gameinfo.txt

Additional informations : Create a mod on Valve Developer Community.