Mesa_Config Help

Environment variables required in MESA_Config.bat %STEAMDIR% This parameter is necesary to determine the location of Steam and tools for each game using the Source engine and provides tools and content for Mod Maker.

%MESADIR% This is the path to where extracted MESA (the root directory that contains the bin, projects, icons and scripts) .

%MAYAVERSION% This parameter is necessary so that when you run the batch file that copies the MESA Shelf in the Directory Maya/prefs/Shelves/ which is logically: c:/USER/DOCUMENTS/Maya/[VERSION]/prefs/shelves/

The choice depends on the version of Maya you use. To use Maya 2014 , you must to define “2014-x64” because there is no more x86 version of maya 2014 (without the quotes).

Some Examples:

Maya Version Value
Maya 2016 2016
Maya 2015 2015-x64
Maya 2014 2014-x64
Maya 2013 64 bits 2013-x64
Maya 2013 32 bits 2013
Maya 2012 64 bits 2012-x64
Maya 2012 32 bits 2012
Maya 2011 32 bits 2011