Matiere 3d

Matiere 3d™ is an oriented toolset for Texture artists and Material authoring creation. It takes advantage of the powerful sculpting and texturing features of Pixologic Zbrush to create *tileable textures.

The Matiere 3d toolset provides a friendly artistic approach of the Material authoring creation which is compatible with next gen texturing pro norms and best practices.

Matiere 3d, can additionally be used to create advanced brushes called Snapshots. The Snapshots complete Zbrush missing features.

Matiere 3d has no procedural capacity, but a bunch of new workflows that has been thought and designed to assist and simplify the work of each artist.

Creative Workflows

Iterative Masking

Sculpting and Painting based on tileable masks you can generate on the fly. You can store all masks iteration, blend masks together without to leave Zbrush, edit the masks with an image Editor, and reload them instantly. Backup iterative mask within the Workspace.

Modular Conception

Based on the Subtool visibility, Nano meshes scattering settings, or Tool layers. It Offers different way to create easily textures variants.

Selective Geometry

Mix several subtools together to create an unique Texture using the ZProject Brush.

Main Features

Workspace Manager

The Manager drives in full transparency all your Zbrush Project and connectivity with image editors.
Saves and backup all the user generated content and more like render passes sets, snapshots brushes, iterative masks,JSX scripts for Photoshop but also all Zbrush specific resource like ZProject, ZTools, Materials, Brushes, Alphas and Textures.
The Workspace Manager protects and make your project and assets to be safe.

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Batch Rendering Process

The batch Mode bake and save within the current workspace directory.
Batch rendering process only apply with the Zbrush native rendering engine which is Best Preview Renderer.
Render based on subtools visibility you have the choice with Selected , Visible or All Subtools
Export File Format support PSD, PNG, JPG and TIFF.

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Materials Workflows


Target different kind of texturing workflow :

  • Support both Diffuse / Blinn shading and stylized texturing.
  • Fully compatible with Physically based rendering workflow, different approaches are suggested.
  • Material layered is the perfect if you manage a custom material library on engine side of your game project.

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The Framers

Three different Framers are available that support different Texture Resolutions (Square, 2:1 or 1:2).
All framers includes a margin for batch render process It preserves from exporting BPR passes with the 1 pixel black borders issue in Zbrush.

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Pro Tangent Normal Algorithm

Simply the best tangent algorithm for Zbrush

  • Faster than xNormal or Substances bakers
  • Direct preview
  • Optimized for DXT compression

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Tileable Masks

Tileable masks are masks you can only use with the plane grid mesh.
Capture the current masking then Store it for later, or Edit the mask instantly with any image editor, reload it and reapply the mask.
You can even send the mask to Photoshop automated cropping task to use the masks in the final texture composition.

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Pattern Library

The library content simple patterns you can tweak easily
to setup H/V tiling, noise and use as-is.

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A Snapshot is a capture of the pattern including Depth and Albedo map.

Snapshots are a next range of advanced brushes for Zbrush.

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zRoll Based Brushes

The ZRoll based Brushes are a custom brushes that lets you repeat a pattern along an axes and keep tiling safe the borders. Three types of roll brush are available
  • Standard
  • Layered
  • Mask
  • Project

NanoTiles Array


Like the popular Nanotile plugin, Nanotiles Array are compatible with the 2:1 and 1:2 texture resolutions, but it works also with array meshes or fiber meshes.

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Insert Meshes Compass

zTexturer includes tools to speed up working with insert meshes brush curve based brush curve brushes.
A compass is available to easy mind the positioning of the subtools.

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Photoshop Bridge

Build in Photoshop Layered passes/ Single pass or tileable masks, enable automated tasks like automatic cropping that remove the texture margin.
Build layered document import each pass as Smart Object Layers.

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Photoshop Extend Scripting

The whole script job can be customized and extended
to match your needs when building document in Photoshop form Zbrush.

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On Plane Grid :
  • Seamless Sculpting
  • Mask based Sculpting
  • Selective Projection
  • Modular Conception
  • Sculpting via Snapshots brushes
  • zRoll based brushes

Nanotiles Array :

  • Working with Nanomeshes brushes.
  • NanoArray Tiles to plane grid via Brush Projection.
  • NanoArray Tiles to plane grid via Subtools Projection.
  • Support FiberMeshes

Insert Meshes :

  • Artisan IMM Brush
  • Compass for subtools positioning
  • Seamless painting
  • Mask based painting
  • Multi materials (vertex painting)
  • Snapshots Painting via classic brushes and zRoll based brushes.
  • Modular conception
  • Selective projections
  • Editable PBR Compatible Matcap
  • Material based  Albedo, Specular, Rough/Gloss & Metallic
  • Editable Pbr Materials
  • ! NO PBR Previewer
  • Native BPR Renderer
  • Render Area Margin ( batch render)
  • Tile Area (snapshots)
  • Batch Rendering
  • 8k Export
  • Diffuse/Blinn texturing
  • PBR batch rendering
  • Material Layered


zCore Toolset :

  • Editing via Default PSD/PNG/JPG/TIFF Editor
  • Per Pass Editing
  • Tileable Masks Editing
  • Iterative Tileable Masks Editing

Photoshop Bridge :

  • Build Layered Document
  • Build Single Pass
  • Export Masks
  • Smart Object Layer
  • Margin Removal (Crop)
  • Fully None Destructive Workflow.
  • Rasterize Layers
  • Artisan IMM Brush
  • Artisan NanoMeshes brush
  • zRoll Layer brush
  • zRoll Standard brush
  • zRoll Mask brush
  • zRoll Project brush


  • Base Color ( Blinn material)
  • Tangent normal map material
  • World normal map material
  • Curvature Material
  • Cavity Material
  • Specular
  • PBR Lib (experimental)

Patterns Library : (44 alphas)

  • Voronoi
  • Fibers
  • Bricks
  • Clouds
  • Pavement
  • Spots
  • and many more

Framers :

  • 1:1 ( square)
  • 2:1 (landscape)
  • 1:2 (Portrait)
  • Workspace Management
  • Save/reload/Revert Zproject (Based on the project namespace)
  • Zbrush Resource Backup (Ztools , brushes, textures, alphas, Materials)
  • Project Preferences (save as file )
  • Project Preferences (save as to preference Slot )
  • Include/exclude Project Namespace in preference (file/slots)
  • zTemplates ( zproject startup)
  • Snapshots (albedo depth and settings)
  • Iterative Masks
  • Document Settings (set canvas size including margin borders)


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