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User Generated Content

Consider the user generated content to be the content which do not exists before your start your project in Zbrush.

It includes :

  • Alpha and Textures or References you like to basically backup within the project Workspace sub directories.
  • ZProject (*.ZPR)
  • Ztools (*.ZTL)
  • Brushes (*.ZBP)
  • Materials (*.ZMT)

  • Textures Passes Sets you get when you run the Batch Rendering Process (PSD, PNG, JPG or TIFF).
  • Snapshots which are kind of advanced brushes that can be saved and loaded from a Slider Slot ( *.ALP, *.PSD).
  • Iterative Tileable Masks which are intended to only be reuse in Zbrush workflow. Particularly with a mask based sculpting and texturing workflow.

  • Single Pass Document ( Photoshop Only )
  • Single Mask Document ( Photoshop Only )
  • Layered Document ( Photoshop Only )

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