ZCycler 2021
Easy and transparent. Assign a hotkey to the main function of the plug.
It will remember the last used brush and will switch to this brush when you hit the hotkey again.

  • On the fly stereo Brushes switcher.
  • Each brush can have a different Draw size.
  • Brush setting portability from brush to brush
 MESA 2.1 is a suite of MEL Scripts to export and import 3d models for the Valve Source Engine with Autodesk Maya. This is the short name for Maya Exporter for Source Assets.

The objective of MESA, is to make the full asset creation process within Maya software interface. MESA can export static, physics, breakable, dynamic and ragdoll models, and supported bodygroups , It become easy to use maya to export to the source engine the NPCs (Monsters and Humanoid), Vehicles, Weapons and Items for your game.

Matiere 3d™ is an oriented toolset for Texture artists and Material authoring creation. It takes advantage of the powerful sculpting and texturing features of Pixologic Zbrush to create *tileable textures.

The Matiere 3d toolset provides a friendly artistic approach of the Material authoring creation which is compatible with next gen texturing pro norms and best practices.

Matiere 3d, can additionally be used to create advanced brushes called Snapshots. The Snapshots complete Zbrush missing features.

ZBRUSH Ressources

Download Tangent Normal map Material for Zbrush

Download World Normal map Material for Zbrush

Jurassic Life

The most important project, for the one i give 8 years of my life, I am one of the captain on the board as co-director, and technical director.
I am making dinosaurs and a bit of AI coding.
Jurassic life is a tribute to Jurassic park movie , we are working hard to create a perfect replica of the First movie, mixing both sources with the book written by Michael Crichton and the movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
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