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Normal map Algorithm – Unity 5

This test is not supposed to tell which is best or worst, so make you own appreciation keep in mind only the final result is the most important thing that you should never forget.

Level, Lighting, and Rendering setup

Quality : Fantastic

Graphic Settings : Default

One Distant light ( sky light)

HDRI, SSR, are enable

Anti-Aliasing : FXAA3 Console

Notes on level and rendering setup

Setup the scene in Unity especially the Screen Space reflections when the smoothless parameter in the shader are set to 1, it was a long fight to understand what would give me the more realistic result. To be honest , I am still not convinced by both final renders, and therefore I had a long time to take in consideration production practice like :

setup the reflection probe, choose to bake it with box projection or using “Realtime” settings for the cubemap. I also had a try with a legacy, the “reflective > bumped specular” but it not lightmapped shader so the Global illumination can ‘t to be apply on the mesh, and it has never convinced me enough to post some render of that test, so I came back to the new standard materials ( PBS Specular /Metallic ). IMHO, the PBS Metallic shader is completely useless, as you can get the exact same result using the PBS specular, the only difference is that with metallic, you can’t to define a color for the specular.


Look ‘n Feel

Allegorithmic PBS SpecularzTexturer PBS SpecularAllegorithmic PBS Metallicztexturer PBS Metallic

Observations on the surface reflections

Allegorithmic MetalliczTexturer PBS Metallic


Make your own conclusion, share your observations and opinions by posting a comment.

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