MESA 2.1 released

Long while without giving a sign of life, i am sorry for the lack of activity on my blog, a lot of change has been applied to my website since i write down the last Post,
The WP theme has changed, and the layout, and a better sectionning so i can make cohabit my devBlog and MESA, and a forum and even if i never found a moment to create my portfolio here, one day it will finally happen :x

Ok Today , it’s all about MESA 2.1 release, this version is a revision of every edits i had made all along the last year, and recently i thought this would be important to fix the compatibility with SMD file produced by the decompilation of MDL files using Crowbar.(

  • SMD IMPORT : Compatibility with crowbar mdl decompiler
  • SMD IMPORT : Rewrite of the ReadUntil function in use when you importing a SMD file into maya.
  • SMD IMPORT : Import Reference, no longer force maya to create a new scene when importing an SMD file.
  • SMD IMPORT : Mouse Cursor don’t flick anymore during the SMD importing process.
  • INSTALL/CONFIG : Simplification of Mesa_config.bat file, the simplification has been apply to every projects batchs files too.
  • SMD IMPORT (ref) : weight skin data greatly improved during the smd reference import in maya.
  • SMD IMPORT (ref) : very small skin value are pruned at the import process.
  • SMD IMPORT (seq) : don’t need anymore to rename the unknowdag1 object to “unknowdag”, let it with the default name,the smd sequence will stop to throw you the error message about the missing unknowdag object.
  • SMD EXPORT : bug with the compileQc() function that give a wrong path to studiomdl.exe
  • SHELF TOOLs : BUG with the path to launch qcEye from the shelf
  • SHELF TOOLs : BUG with the path to open the current model into hlmv
  • COMPILE LOG : a printed information that bring confusion with a suspicious double quotation at the beginning of the path of studioMDL Compilation and VTEX.
  • SAMPLE ASSETs : adding some samples ready to use with maya and to compile with your game projects.

Read the complete  2.1 release notes

You can download MESA from the Download page, or you can download MESA from Github.
If you get in trouble with the new build of MESA, you can report the bugs/issues on that topic.