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Tips and tweaks

I will post some tips sometime, don’t be afraid to share your own tips with mayaLT or to pin this topic when the information would become consitent.

#001 : Hide The Tracer/Console window with the output messages :


On steam Library : right click MayaLT > Properties
options at Startup add -hideConsole


Create a shortcut, or edit the shortcut on your desktop

1. Right click on the icon,

2. go at Target Field and at the very end, Add a space and -HideConsole

Example :

C:\Autodesk\Maya2015\bin\maya.exe -hideconsole


#002: Weld all vertices that are close to each other

Quick MEL commands to weld all vertices on a model that are close to each. This saves you time having to manually weld verts and trying to find them.

PolySelectConvert 3;
polyMergeVertex -d 0.001 -ch 0;

NOTE : Run them in order.

Credit : Dave James



#003 : Script To Shelf

1- Open the script editor

for instance you need to create a mel script that change the upaxis in maya without to go at the preferences panel.

2- Copy this command into the lower text area of the script editor

setUpAxis "z";

3- Select all the text from the text input area and Drag n drop the selected code onto any shelf, it’s prefereable to create a custom shelf instead of editing the default maya Shelves.

4- An Icon will appears, right click on it then click Edit.
5- Switch from Command to the shelf Tab and now you can :

a) Edit the Label : number of letter are very limited
b) Edit the Tooltip: this is the message that will appear when the mouse cursor is over the icon, here you can have a compete description of what the comand does.


#004 : one click Up Axis switch

Read #003, it explains how to add a mel or python Script onto a custom shelf.

The mel command to switch from Y to Z up axis :

setUpAxis "z";

The mel command to switch from Z to Y up axis :

setUpAxis "y";

How to use this :

  1. Just copy this command to the script editor
  2. than select the text and drag n drop to the shelf to create a new command icon.
  3. Edit the label and tooltip in shelf editor


Last update : 03/17/2015

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