UE4 Project Management : Best practices

To have a better start on your project i will explain you in the next tutorial, how to build a project that contain your code classes into a plugin.

Why using plugin module ?

Dozen of reasons why compiling your game code as a Runtime Plugin is changing life.

The top one, is that you just can enable/disable it like any other plugin and keep several version of your plugin under the same project directory, better when you host yoru game file onto perforce, SVN or Git, for collaborative work.

  • You can choose which plugin module you want to add new classes from the editor.
  • The module name mustn’t match the name of you given at the project creation, but only one plugin must to be active , because the duplicated classes name would lead the compiler to become crazy.

The objective

For that we will need to create two distinct projects

the first one, with the source code ( example : thirdperson c++ template), that will be turned into a plugin.

the second project will be the project into the one you will work when the tutorial will be complete.

Part One

  • Create a c++ project using the template

Now to save our time, we will name this project correctly, as it will using this information to build up the c++ classes names of your project, we just want to prevent to rename all of them one by one.

and the code will be copied into a the final project directory