• MESA on Gumroad

  • Hey there, i differed the announcement to inform you about the availability of MESA on Gumroad.

    Download MESA

    Few words about the meaning of this :

    Gumroad provides me analytic data, mean that i know who download, you can contact me using gumroad interface, and with that I can offer a better support for my users.

    MESA is free and will never being charged, but in the case you appreciate the tool and the effort done to make it real, and/or you liked the service i , you can make a donation buy defining a price to support me. All funds goes to maintain my web services, like this blog and are welcome to help me to maintain my Activity and my pipeline tool and my projects alive.

    Gumroad is the chosen platform to sell and share some resources, so stay tuned to check if there is no freebies to appear on my page, doing some zbrush custom brush and a nice UI that increase the workflow . It ‘s possible that a little and cool plugin for Zbrush is on the way too :)

    I am thinking about to commit some Sample scenes for MESA on gumroad.