MESA Documentation Update


After an hard work I hope you will appreciate the new MESA documentation:

It still necessary to update the screenshots on the Export guide, but it might be good enough for today.

I got a lot more in mind, like to write a tutorial  on how to create custom projects workspaces, to work with your mod projects. and that would comes in addition to complete the The Installation Guide.

I would like to record a new time the video tutorial about the installation, and instead of one tutorial , i will split the process in two videos, the first would be dedicated to MESA Setup, and a second one for the Project Setup.

And the most important, is that i must to make a Guide about the Characterization.


As reminder this feature help you to compile a npc character  or a player character(third person model) using the npc animation set and the player animation set from the human sdk provides with the sourceSDK content. The human sdk is included with MESA 2.1 and is located into ” MESA/addons/human_sdk“.

Unfortunately, i don’t provide the reference biped in rest posture, but I am working on sort of Sample Projects, from the one you could check out on you own, how the scenes are structured, you could simply copy the samples scenes into your own project workspace then using this Characterization feature.

MESA 2.0 released now

Dear Mesaïan,

It a great pleasure for me to announce the availability of MESA 2.0
MESA is a tool-set of scripts for Autodesk Maya that can Import and Export to the Source engine.

This is a list of the new functionalities and improvements than MESA 2.0 brings.



    • The new environment System is now completely independent from the Source Sdk Environment variables.


    • The Maya.env files is no longer used to define the environment variables that MESA requires to work.


    • MESA provides the project environment workspaces for the 20 Games powered by the Source Engine.


    • The UI has been refines ( check the Screenshot section )


    • Guide Sections (under development) this section wil brings some use full tips and important information
      with the creation of assets vehicles, npcs, items, and weapons.


    • and more…



The new MESA panel :




Click on the Tab to display the screenshots :





Installation ( article )
How to Update ( article )



Report Bugs and Development

You can use the Issue report service that Github offers for developpers to report any bug, or features requests.

MESA on Github

Nicolas Kirsch

Source SDK Windows Gadget Updated with source SDK base 2013 support

Source SDK Windows Gadget supports now Source SDK Base  2013 MP and SP.

I made the update myself, and added the last source sdk base 2013 for Singleplayer and multiplayer.


Just download the file and double click on it.
Accept the installation the gadget. if the older version is running, close it before to install the new one.
When the installation is done,the gadget appears and you have to set your game configuration name and path.

That’s all !

I hope this will make the modding easier.

MESA 1.1 – Shelf issue

When using a version of maya thas is different than Maya 2014, you probably experience an issue with the MESA Shelf.

To fix the issue, just download mesa again, and extract the ” maya/prefs/shelves/mesa_V1.mel ” to replace the older shelf in user “/documents/maya/your_version/prefs/shelves/“.

Thank you Roman for reporting this error on the forum.

The errors messages :

MESA shelf:”The shelf “MESA_V1″ has items that cannot be read.”
”// Error: Invalid flag ‘-flat’”


MESA 1.0 beta


MESA is a suite of MEL Scripts to export and import 3d models for the Valve Source Engine with Autodesk Maya. This is the short name for Maya Exporter for Source Absolute.


Question : What about the Absolute mention ?
Answer : Because all the work could be done within Maya. no text editor will be required for the final version of MESA.[/bluequote]

The objective of MESA, is about to make the full asset creation process within Maya interface.
It include static, physiques, dynamic and ragdoll props models, breakable models, bodygroups models.
But also NPCs (Monsters and Humanoid), Vehicles, Weapons and Items.

MESA is Mel scripts bases exporter and importer Tools. This script are the rewritten /edited Script from Valve originally designed for maya 4.5, and that is available into the source sdk
provided by Valve Software.

MESA is compatible with all recent version of Maya ( 2011/2012/2013 x86 and x64 bits )

Bugs to fix :


– Bump map issue ( do not add a texture in the Bump Mapping channel of the phongE shader.
– Give a proper feed back for the user about the bad settings for the materials folder, so you cannot convert the tga into vtf. symptom : the $cdmaterials is not write into the qc file.
– Multiple Uv sets ( the exporter do not handle the multiple Uvsets, so the uvset must be merged before to export ( combine solve that issue)


That all folks ! and that enough for me.
I hope to get a feed back sooner as is it possible to know if the FULL COMPILE works anywhere else that on my own computer, i can test out with maya 2013 on my tablet.

Broken Scripts


– Flip anim its just a peal to play with the curves of the anim graph, it must be rewrite for the recent version of maya, the orignal script are not yet available.
– wcimport, maya use direct connect to convert the DXF , and all the scale and upxais orientation set in the sript are overwritten so a simple script could fix that, i just need the formula tu get the percentage.

[/bluequote] It’s better late than never, for posting here hehe ;O