MESA Documentation Update


After an hard work I hope you will appreciate the new MESA documentation:

It still necessary to update the screenshots on the Export guide, but it might be good enough for today.

I got a lot more in mind, like to write a tutorial  on how to create custom projects workspaces, to work with your mod projects. and that would comes in addition to complete the The Installation Guide.

I would like to record a new time the video tutorial about the installation, and instead of one tutorial , i will split the process in two videos, the first would be dedicated to MESA Setup, and a second one for the Project Setup.

And the most important, is that i must to make a Guide about the Characterization.


As reminder this feature help you to compile a npc character  or a player character(third person model) using the npc animation set and the player animation set from the human sdk provides with the sourceSDK content. The human sdk is included with MESA 2.1 and is located into ” MESA/addons/human_sdk“.

Unfortunately, i don’t provide the reference biped in rest posture, but I am working on sort of Sample Projects, from the one you could check out on you own, how the scenes are structured, you could simply copy the samples scenes into your own project workspace then using this Characterization feature.

MESA 2.1 released

Long while without giving a sign of life, i am sorry for the lack of activity on my blog, a lot of change has been applied to my website since i write down the last Post,
The WP theme has changed, and the layout, and a better sectionning so i can make cohabit my devBlog and MESA, and a forum and even if i never found a moment to create my portfolio here, one day it will finally happen :x

Ok Today , it’s all about MESA 2.1 release, this version is a revision of every edits i had made all along the last year, and recently i thought this would be important to fix the compatibility with SMD file produced by the decompilation of MDL files using Crowbar.(

  • SMD IMPORT : Compatibility with crowbar mdl decompiler
  • SMD IMPORT : Rewrite of the ReadUntil function in use when you importing a SMD file into maya.
  • SMD IMPORT : Import Reference, no longer force maya to create a new scene when importing an SMD file.
  • SMD IMPORT : Mouse Cursor don’t flick anymore during the SMD importing process.
  • INSTALL/CONFIG : Simplification of Mesa_config.bat file, the simplification has been apply to every projects batchs files too.
  • SMD IMPORT (ref) : weight skin data greatly improved during the smd reference import in maya.
  • SMD IMPORT (ref) : very small skin value are pruned at the import process.
  • SMD IMPORT (seq) : don’t need anymore to rename the unknowdag1 object to “unknowdag”, let it with the default name,the smd sequence will stop to throw you the error message about the missing unknowdag object.
  • SMD EXPORT : bug with the compileQc() function that give a wrong path to studiomdl.exe
  • SHELF TOOLs : BUG with the path to launch qcEye from the shelf
  • SHELF TOOLs : BUG with the path to open the current model into hlmv
  • COMPILE LOG : a printed information that bring confusion with a suspicious double quotation at the beginning of the path of studioMDL Compilation and VTEX.
  • SAMPLE ASSETs : adding some samples ready to use with maya and to compile with your game projects.

Read the complete  2.1 release notes

You can download MESA from the Download page, or you can download MESA from Github.
If you get in trouble with the new build of MESA, you can report the bugs/issues on that topic.

Long time without posting anything

Yeah long time since i had posted anything  here, thing hasn’t happened as expected, well i hope to be a little bit .

I have posted a tutorial for Unreal Engine 4 , Create an engine plugin using blankplugin.

Mesa 2.1 has been released i still haven’t posted anything about it, but i will even if it will make more sense to post that news at the moment i had posted that on Github.

The good is that the users who had reported that some icons was corrupted on the github version, this issue has been fixed now

I also had added a link to get mesa directly from this server a not github.


Hello World – I’m Still Alive [Episode 2]

Far from me the concept of promote any industry brand, because it necessary that a wide range of brand actively develops things and product, and this is the main of the industry and how we  progress with the technology around us.


Well  I Had some hard time with source engine,  with this last year of development, it hasn’t been the best year of my life, for project like Jurassic life ( read the detail here for the ones that are interested) , and other and life thingies, well.

Motivation for game development is not a problem,  all is in place, but it seems that it’s a good while to discovers new things, change you habits, get some pleasure to write a new page of your book life… It would not have been possible to continue to work with the source Engine, Valve do not informs the community of developers, who work on their Game engine, I can’r to expect what the future will be made with. That pretty annoying for people like me, when you are entirely lost and are not sure where heading on.and that finally i realized that you had n’t moved an inch . That  the moment to change your mind..

So today , and not just today,  but since that epic games has released the Unreal Engine 4 to the public and give you the full licence and full source engine source access for  19€ per month ( thank to eurozone with the VAT),  I am an happy user of the Unreal engine 4  some tutorial will be posted soon. but they will all being in French, so don’t be entirely disappointed, i will take a look at what is possible with the localization, maybe i could also at some time, translated these tutorials in English , but the Unreal engine Community is already big enough for you to not be entirely lost :)

Some links : 


I had created the First Unreal engine 4 developers French group on steam

so if you are french i want to join us this is the road to :



Hello World ! I’m still alive, just an..


… harder time with project and life stuffs.

I would d like to apologize about the lack of update, and the unfinished guide for Dota 2.

I would like to inform the MESA users that a last maintenance  will be provide and  BUT Mesa is DISCONTINUED, because I am moving up to new horizon in game development and i want to work with Engine that reflect the current technology in game industry, so I am sorry to leave MESA user without  any support for the source engine.

But you can still Post your help Topic into the forum, you probably noticed that i am very slow to respond with the question there are posted, happily with the wade number of people who download mesa 2.0.1 everyday, it seem that the installation system has successfully  made their effect, as the question are most commonly about the setup and the basic usage.

I can’t To say when this last update of mesa will be release, it will just fix few detail :

  • 1. Re-localization of source sdk in Common directory.
  • 2. adding import in Existent scene. So you could import a full collection set for your characters and the Valve workshop.


Nicolas Kirsch

MESA 2.0 released now

Dear Mesaïan,

It a great pleasure for me to announce the availability of MESA 2.0
MESA is a tool-set of scripts for Autodesk Maya that can Import and Export to the Source engine.

This is a list of the new functionalities and improvements than MESA 2.0 brings.



    • The new environment System is now completely independent from the Source Sdk Environment variables.


    • The Maya.env files is no longer used to define the environment variables that MESA requires to work.


    • MESA provides the project environment workspaces for the 20 Games powered by the Source Engine.


    • The UI has been refines ( check the Screenshot section )


    • Guide Sections (under development) this section wil brings some use full tips and important information
      with the creation of assets vehicles, npcs, items, and weapons.


    • and more…



The new MESA panel :




Click on the Tab to display the screenshots :





Installation ( article )
How to Update ( article )



Report Bugs and Development

You can use the Issue report service that Github offers for developpers to report any bug, or features requests.

MESA on Github

Nicolas Kirsch

MESA 2.0 Released

All right that Here :)

Click on the Logo ! and check the main menu for all the detail, lot of documentation and Video tutorials.

I will post a better announcement tomorrow, the night was so long =)