ZBrush to Photoshop : One click rebuild all the passes in a document


After I added a professional tangent normal mapping algorithm  to bake your textures with the best quality as possible using the ZGametools Texturer Toolset.


I wondered to myself what would be the best feature that all pro would like to get to complete the workflow in ZGametools.

Let me introduce you the “Smart” and “Extendable” Javascript support for ZGametools and Photoshop.

The feature is available at the moment in ZGametools Texturer and ZGametools Renderer, And soon for ZGametools Baker but i must to complete the support of Substance BatchTools before.

Well  instead of sending files one by one, using the ZGametools Core , I took the decision to invest of my time developing a function that build on fly a “Smart” and “Extendable” Javascript file to run with Photoshop CC.

Like it was on my priority list, and the architecture of the ZGametools that got a complete Project Workspace Manager would match ideally to organize such of new tools.
I got to invest some time o understand how to write javascript to automate tasks in photoshop, and finally

It generates off the Rendering Batch Process, a Javascript file that defines the rendered passes to send to Photoshop,  based on the options set in ZGametools Render options Panel.

The architecture of the script generation you create from Zbrush , has been thought to be entirely hooked  the most simply as possible.
Simply click on Append SDK  button, and it will create a “Scripts” directory (with sub-dir and files) structure of file ready to be edited within the your Project’s workspace directory

Insanely easy to edit and to add news actions you would like to automate during the document construction process in Photoshop.


All my Toolsets are Coded with love for Artists.

Long time without posting anything

Yeah long time since i had posted anything  here, thing hasn’t happened as expected, well i hope to be a little bit .

I have posted a tutorial for Unreal Engine 4 , Create an engine plugin using blankplugin.

Mesa 2.1 has been released i still haven’t posted anything about it, but i will even if it will make more sense to post that news at the moment i had posted that on Github.

The good is that the users who had reported that some icons was corrupted on the github version, this issue has been fixed now

I also had added a link to get mesa directly from this server a not github.


MESA 2.0 released now

Dear Mesaïan,

It a great pleasure for me to announce the availability of MESA 2.0
MESA is a tool-set of scripts for Autodesk Maya that can Import and Export to the Source engine.

This is a list of the new functionalities and improvements than MESA 2.0 brings.



    • The new environment System is now completely independent from the Source Sdk Environment variables.


    • The Maya.env files is no longer used to define the environment variables that MESA requires to work.


    • MESA provides the project environment workspaces for the 20 Games powered by the Source Engine.


    • The UI has been refines ( check the Screenshot section )


    • Guide Sections (under development) this section wil brings some use full tips and important information
      with the creation of assets vehicles, npcs, items, and weapons.


    • and more…



The new MESA panel :




Click on the Tab to display the screenshots :





Installation ( article )
How to Update ( article )



Report Bugs and Development

You can use the Issue report service that Github offers for developpers to report any bug, or features requests.

MESA on Github

Nicolas Kirsch

Hello Everybody !

Well first post here !

Sounds like so much thing to say here for this first message, but nothing come out ;)

So just a Note :

Actually I try to have a polished version and a good start for the final structure categories, page and markup,  I wish for this blog.

I recently received a request about the Custom Mel scripts I use to export on the Valve Source Game Engine.