Workspace Manager
A pre-defined folder organization that greatly improve your workflow. You don’t have to worry about where you should save your assets, it will guide you.
Render Batch

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Photoshop Bridge
Photoshop Bridge

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Camera Bookmarks
Save unlimited camera views

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ZGametools Renderer

ZGametools Renderer is at an early stage of the development, this article is outdated.

Renderer Toolset is dedicated to rendering/illustration work.

Rendering batch process

The Module propose a rendering batch process that can output different types of render passes using BPR. The Rendering batch process , render the subtools in accordance to their visibility options ( selected, visible,all) During the Rendering Batch process each passes are saved on disk within the workdspace, you've defined in workspace manager.

Output render passes :

Shaded, Depth, Mask, Ambient Occlusion, SSS, Flat, polygroups, SpecularView, Normal map, Cavity, Curvature, Shadows, Floor and 12 bpr filters.

Format output :


Canvas resolution manager

  1. Define the canvas format ( square, landscape or portrait )
  2. Then define the canvas Ratio ( 4:3, 16:9, custom)
  3. then let's click on the desired height value, this will resize the canvas to match the format and ratio.

Camera Manager

renderer-document-settings-camera-view-overview Almost exact replica of the "Document : ZappLink Properties" panel. Store your Camera view into the 8 available slots ( front, back, right, left, top, bottom , custom 1 and custom 2) You can save/reload all the views stored as a file within the workspace directory.