Workspace Manager

Workspace Manager is a directory on your hard drive, that contains all the assets of your Zbrush project.

It’s a pre-defined organization to improve your workflow and you don’t have to worry about where you should save your assets, it will guide you.

The workspace manager reinforces the Zbrush project It’s a safe place to recover after a possible ZProject file that could be corrupted and could refuse to load in Zbrush.

One click to save the current assets : Ztool, alpha, materials, or Brushes
Startup Zbrush, and reload the last Zproject in one click.

Change the Project name to save the zproject with different Name and backup past iterations of your work.

All the settings and panels Ui state are restored after a possible application crash of Zbrush.

The Workspace is the central place, to bridge and connect with external editors and edit the files you generated with Zbrush, into the Image editor or your favorite 3D editors.

The workspace directory is easy to backup and to commit on any versioning software like Perforce.

The workspace is portable and can be shared to make collaborative work.