Beta Changelog

ZGametools 1.0 Beta D Release Note


Beta 1.0 D

Texturer Module

FS#3 – Fixed : Compass NW offset to SE.
FS#5 – Fixed : Nanotile, enable / disable array to not work.
FS#17 – Fixed : Tilling on: H/V, H or V only. Switch button UI do not switch correctly and disable the other Switch buttons options.
FS#27 – Fixed : Framer changing default scaling changed from 3.0 > 1.0.
FS#28 – Fixed : 1 by 2 / width set to 512 gives a wrong margin in pixel.

Renderer Module

FS#11 – New : Camera manager view file change extension , new file extension type *.vue
FS#30 – New : Move Camera View to an independent subpalette.
FS#33 – Fixed : “Clear It” switch button label has been renamed to “Clr It“.

Baker Module

FS#2 – Fixed : Obj File exported without Uv data.

FS#29 – FIxed : Batchtools : Prevent the user from running baking process

FS#35 – New : Save and Restore Scale and XYZ Offset

Info that are Saved and can be restored :

New Options from Export Meshes Section:

Info : Open a note and display what ar the current Ztools Scaling and Offset from Tool:Export section.

The info Note :

Save : Save the Scale and XYZ offset to a file within the workspace in Data.

Reload: Reload Scale and XYZ offset Values from a file you save previously ( should match the Ztool name).

A new file type as been added in data Directory “*.SIZ” , the file takes the name of the Ztool* and store the Scale, X Offset, Y Offset, Z Offset for next re-use.

*the first subtool

FS#37 – Updated : Export Meshes section has been reordered and section has been edited to precise the purpose of the options.


FS#36 – Updated : “Zgametools:Baker:Std” label has changed to Msh (meshes) to match the folder name in workspace directory.

Core Module

FS#31 – New : Send For Edit BPR filters in image Editor : Update or Send existent file.

FS#38 – Updated : “ZGametools:Baker:Std” label has changed to Msh, to match the folder name in workspace directory.

FS#34 – New: Add Eula link and Accept button before to enter the license key.

FS#39 – Fixed : the link to access Youtube channel, which is now “\c\Zgametools” .

All modules :

FS#32 -Fixed : Icons transparency issue when button size ui is set to minimum.

FS#21 – Workspace Project Info has been Revamped and Iconized.

FS#20 – Updated : Project Stats : workspace path displays without the slashes

Workspace Manager

FS#12 – Fixed : Set project Name odd behaviors.

FS#13 – Fixed : Save Zproject / Brushes / Alpha / Materials / Ztools, file browser dialog issue

FS#14 – Fixed : load Zproject, but the file do not exists withing the workspace directory

FS#15 – Fixed : Disable Auto Create Shortcut when saving to Zproject.

0:00 uninstalling, and update

3:41 Fix first startup default workspace path
4:18 Core bpr send canvas
Renderer :
7:44 Camera manager subpalette
9:00 *.vue files
Baker :
10:40 Prevent user from running sbatchtools baking
11:00 OBj Export batch without UVs
12:10 export in subdirectory Meshes
12:43 Save and restore Export options
14:53 Export Meshes subpallette reordered
16:15 Icons transparency fix

Workspace Manager :
16:55 SAve Zproject, ztools, material, brushes etc, file dialog issues

Beta 1.0 C

Common Features - Workspace Manager

  • Fixed issue when saving BPR Filters from the TEXTURER module, the Textures directory did not properly created.
  • Removed few debug notifications, i forget at the last release ;p

Beta 1.0 B

Common Features - Workspace Manager

  • Fixed the Workspace variable that doesn't exists on the disk at the first start :

- Defined a default workspace that stand into the Internal plugin data

- Defined a default ProjectName variable (renderer,texturer,baker)