Beta program

Welcome and thank you for Joining the ZGameTools beta Program.


If you like to suggest some one i don’t know to join the beta test , just send me his email, so i redirect him to the google form to register.



Important Links


  • Texturer Module Workflow
  • Renderer Module Workflow
  • Baker Module Workflow with Zbrush algorithm
  • Baker Module Workflow with Substance Batchtools algorithm.


How To Report A bug

Report a bug ( BugTracker ) New!

In order to report a bug or a feature request, setup properly the following fields

1. Define the Task Type :

* Bug report
* Feature requests

2. Report the current version of the ZGametools that give you the issue you will describe.

3. Set the Category in accordance with the module you had some issue.

4. Set a Clear Title as Summary

5. Provide the steps to reproduce the bug in your description, without is could be hard to fix the bug, if i cant to reproduce it.

6. in case you want to send a file as attachment.

Give a note to each of the Toolset's features

After you liked or not, and starting to use ZGametools on production, please Visit the Trello boards.

I ask you to assign a note all the features listed, if you only used one dedicated modules, then do it, just for this modules and core /commons Features.

I don’t ask you to provide notation for every modules, but i you like to do it ;)

Here you can access the different boards :

  • Trello boards has been currently removed