ZGametools Core

ZGametools Core is at an early stage of the development, this article is outdated.

Core Description

Core module, is the module that handles rendered images and Meshes exported in accordance with the selected module.


Core and Renderer module

All Rendered passes types displays into a file selector, open the desire file with the Image Editor.


Core and Texturer module

Similar to Renderer , all Rendered passes types displays into a file selector, to open the desire rendered pass with an Image Editor.


Core and Baker with Zbrush Algorithm

All Baked Textures types displays into a file selector, then open for edit with the Image Editor, the pass that match with the active subtool.

If you have batch exported your subtools, then you can edit the Obj file with the user defined Software, in accordance to the Sub directory within the workspace that is active.

Note : The File that will open into the application is the Active subtools ( alt click to select the proper subtool to edit is the rule).


Core and Baker with Substance BatchTools algorithm

Similar to Zbrush baker
You can edit the baked textures type of your choice that correspond to the current subtool.
You can open for edit obj files, if your have already batch exported yoru subtools from the baker module.


Reimport Model in Zbrush

Re-import the current Subtool in Zbrush, in accordance to the subdirectory within the workspace directory.
You can Reimport from UVs Directory, if you create that Directory , it should reimport the subtools, and let you choose if you want to
reproject detail onto the new mesh.