Project Anarchy, Ryan Monday tell us more on polycount

Ryan Monday Technical Art Director at Havok, talk about project anarchy on the Polycount Forum.


Today that product has been announced… Project Anarchy. It is a completely free engine for Android and iOS development that incorporates Havok Physics, Havok AI, and Havok Animation Studio (which is Havok Animation and Havok Behavior combined) into the Havok Vision Engine.


Is it Free, or there will be the royalty agreements on published games?


Free as in we do not care about profit you make or company size and you will be given the Havok vision engine (with ample c++ source access) integraded with the other Havok products mentioned and FMOD. There will be packages defined, but that will be extras that are not needed such as beast for better lighting, scaleform, expanding it past the iOs and android platforms, or needed individualized support the free community/forums cant offer. However with the base set of tools mobile development is more then possible as we are showing off from many of our demos and mini games at the booth all of which will be included in the free download for you to reference.

There are non for iOS and Android publishing.. Completely free


What about the tools the developer will have access to ?


The UI system is a panel based system.. We will also have scaleform’s mobile/lite SDK incorporated but that will have to come at a price.

We give you tons of c++ exposure for more then just LUA information. You will be able to write full plugins and even have access to our shader source. LUA is the only scripting language available.


At this time there is no plan to port the Toolset to OSX.

Project anarchy will be available late this Spring.

Link : Project Anarchy

Press Release :

Source : PolyCount


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