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Into the Mesa Archive file, you will find all the components to make the full installation

Maya Directory

Maya/version/Maya.env ( a copy of the maya Environment variable definition). Very important.

ModName_Source Directory

ModName_Source/Workspace.mel ( it is the right path for the scripts, scenes, images etc..) so maya project will fit with your ”’ModName_Source”’ folder.

ModName_Source/ :
/Modelsrc/ where the smd and ac will be exported
/Materialsrc/ where the TGA must be stored.
/Scenes/ where you must save your scenes. this is very important! The generation of the Smd and QC path will follow the structure of the scenes directory, for the modelsrc directory.
/mesa/ Where the script are stored with the project. if properly set into the Workspace.mel, the Script path is not requires into the Maya.env data.

/ModName_source/ directory do not contains a gameinfo.txt, this is also very important for the exporters to compiles and converts the assets. If a gameinfo.txt is into that folder, the compiler will output the mdl and VTF, VMT file into the models and materials folders of the ModName_Source and not into the Vproject ( the project will the asset for “ModName” sourcemod)
A Maya Scene, /scenes/props/cube.mb is here to show you how the model is properly setted to be correctly exported

ModName Directory

The folder contains the mod with the compiled assets.
/models/ contains the mdl.
/materials/ contain the VTF and VMTs

Important :
Before to compile an assets the destination folder must be created, in “/ModName/materials/” and “/ModName/models/“.


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