Project Workspace


MESA provides predefined workspaces for all Source Engine games.
These Workspaces are located in %MESADIR%/PROJECTS/.

Here is the list of predefined projects :mesa-projects-workspace

This directory is the environment variable GAME_PROJECT_SRC which is defined in the batch file.

The workspace is actually a Maya workspace,
which is used as the C:\MYMOD directory that is proposed by the SDK launcher,when you create a new mod.

The active project in MAYA must to point on this directory, if you don’t know how, please read the next link.

The Dreams 2013 SP is a sample project, it contains :

  • A Sample Maya Scene into the SCENES directory.
  • The SMD and the qc scripts files into MODELSRC directory.
  • The Texture with the TGA format file into MATERIALSRC directory.
  • The project_name.bat that Set the environment variables on that project directory.

Let’s look closer at the contents of the Batch File

Here the Project set the the Binary tools where the SDK tools are stored.
Here the Source SDK base 2013 Singleplayer is in use.

Important : DO NOT edit that line.

echo "Set Bin directory path, where Studiomdl.exe and "vtex.exe" are located."
echo ...
SET SOURCE_BIN_PATH=""%STEAMDIR%\steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer\bin"


The destination path of your Mod in Steamapps/Sourcemods/ directory

echo Set the Game Project Directory, it must be the same path than VPROJECT.
SET GAME_PROJECT=%STEAMDIR%\steamapps\SourceMods\Dreams


The environment variables GAME_PROJECT_SRC can be changed in case you ever would use a similar directory to store your Sources Files,
such as the TGA textures files, SMD and QC script files, before that Sdk Tools compile them to a readable format for the Source Engine
in your VPROJECT/GAMEPROJECT* ( * that must be the same path )

echo Maya Project Workspace directory.
echo ...
:: example :


For MESA specifies the name of the project that you are currently working with and is displayed on the Path tab of the exporter panel.
You will have to enter the name of your project here.

:: example 
SET GAME_PROJECT_NAME="Dreams 2013 SinglePlayer"


To be sure that the VPROJECT be defined on the project you are working in Maya, the VPROJECT is redefined.
It is convenient because the SDK Launcher is in the process of being completely removed.

:: example 
SET VPROJECT="%STEAMDIR%\steamapps\SourceMods\Dreams