Epic release Epic Citadel Demo with HTML 5 support

Today Epic Release the HTML5 demonstration of the Epic citadel level , so just click here and enjoy Unreal engine 3 :)

Epic and Mozilla recommends to use a Nightly Builds version of Firefox for best performance in the navigator.

Q: Which browsers are supported?

A: The following are the currently known behaviors, which may change as new technologies are advanced by each browser in future iterations.
– Nightly Firefox is recommended, and can be downloaded at http://nightly.mozilla.org/.
– Release Firefox will function, however it is slower than Firefox Nightly.
– Chrome currently crashes, but is expected to be resolved by the Chrome team soon.
– Internet Explorer does not support WebGL in current versions.
– Opera WebGL must be manually activated, however it is not currently compatible with Epic Citadel.
– Safari WebGL must be manually activated. While Epic Citadel is not currently compatible with Safari, we are investigating adding support in the future.

Q: Can you explain a little about the technology that makes this possible?

A. Mozilla is working on a new way to bring content to the Web and have it run at near native speeds. Using Emscripten to cross-compile C and C++ applications into JavaScript, Mozilla can bring large, high-performance applications to HTML5. This technology is already cross-browser as it outputs standard compliant JavaScript. The output from Emscripten also follows a stricter form of JavaScript called asm.js. It’s possible to optimize for this subset, as has been done in Firefox, to run within 2x of native speeds. Existing web standards such as WebGL and other Web APIs provide the hardware access needed to deliver incredible gaming experiences as shown by the Unreal Engine 3-powered Epic Citadel demo.

Q: I’m using Nightly Firefox, but when I benchmark, I am locked at 60 frames per second. Is there any way to unlock frame rate?

A: There is an option in Firefox that will unlock the frame rate, allowing Epic Citadel to run faster than 60 frames per second.

To set this option:
– In a new browser tab, type “about:config”
– In the Search box, type “frame”
– Double-click on layout.frame_rate
– Enter 500 (this will be the new max frame rate)
– Click OK and restart the browser for the change to take effect!

Source : UnrealEngine.com

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