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Export the assets

Configure the components to export

Now in that Stage we will see the most important panels to export a functional prop model.

Open the SMD Options Panel by click on the icon from the shelf.


The Export panel Icon.

We will only Export the SMD Reference and the SMD physic model.

Check all the options as on the screen below.


Export tab of the mesa option panel.

Description :

Freeze and Reset Transforms : can be usefull is you forget to freeze , but never use this with animated models or the skin cluster will be deleted.

Combine and Smooth the physics models : Combine will combine all the polysurface from the physics layer into one object group ( don’t forget the shape node)

Export 1 frame Idle Smd : will create an animation sequence with one frame, use this for prop models and donot duplicate the name sequence when you set new animations on the animation tab.

Export Animation SMDs : will export all the animation defined on the Animation tab.

Export Texture (Vtex) : will export the VMT (materials) and VTF ( textures map) , the texture map must be a TGA format file.

Create a QC script : Will write the QC script on the disk. If you modifying the QC manually into a text editor you can uncheck that option.

Compile MDL : will compile the QC scriptwhen the full compile button is activated, don’t forget to have steam opens.

Setup the paths


Path Tab after clicking on Default button.

Now just display the Paths Tab
Click on GENERATE PATHS button and the paths are updated , if the fields are empty the model will not being exported.

SMD /QC path : The default path is the same path than the scene location, but it will pointed on the “/modelsrc/” folder.


  1. you can change the name of the smd, it will affected the name of the final MDL file.
  2. The folder “/props/” must to exist into “%GAME_PROJECT%/models/” or you will get an error ( check for write enable )
  3. you must to save your scene when the path is changed, or the export will fail.

Materials / Textures Path : the path of the “/materialsrc/” directory where the TGA files are stored.


This path must always be “%GAME_PROJECT_SRC%/materialsrc/” when you click on “Generate Paths”.

If the path does not ended by “/materialsrc/“, you probably have to Set the Maya Project workspace on the right project workspace ( %MESADIR% /projects/SourceFilmMaker/ for that tutorial).

MESA Environment Variables section

The section show the current paths set as environment variables on your system.

If you edit the environment variables , you must to restart Maya.


If the “%GAME_PROJECT%” and “%VPROJECT%” are not identical , it can be caused by the Authoring tools launcher that is running in background and overide the %VPROJECT% variable path.

The console Output log

So now that everything is all right

  • you must to save your scene again “CTRL+S
  • click on the Full Compile button
  • open the script Editor to see the Report.

The log :

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