Disney closes Lucas Arts !

Since that Disney has announced the closure of the “unforgetable” game publisher Lucas Arts, lots of people reacts and some dedicated tributes flowered over the wire.

Ron Gilbert shares his thoughts on the closure of Lucas Arts.

Raven’s has releases the source code of Jedi Knight II : Outcast, and Jedi Knight Academy under a licence GPLv2,



Note : The package contain the Source code of the Engine, the dev tools source code and the libraries, but it doesn’t contains the resources assets of the games, also the engine is the older Quake 3 engine that has been modified by Raven before 2002~2003, so or you love Star wars and own the game or it would be a pain in the neck to elaborate any games project on this engine, too old, too long process to develop, the actual exporter for Q3 hasn’t being rebuilt for the recent version of our 3D softwares.





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