Source SDK Windows Gadget Updated with source SDK base 2013 support

Source SDK Windows Gadget supports now Source SDK Base  2013 MP and SP.

I made the update myself, and added the last source sdk base 2013 for Singleplayer and multiplayer.


Just download the file and double click on it.
Accept the installation the gadget. if the older version is running, close it before to install the new one.
When the installation is done,the gadget appears and you have to set your game configuration name and path.

That’s all !

I hope this will make the modding easier.

Valve Release Source Engine SDK 2013

Source SDK 2013 Release

We have released an update to the Source SDK, bringing support for Mac OS X and Linux to mod developers and exposing the ability for virtual reality support in your mod. The biggest change with this update is that we are using github to host the source code. You will find the code here. This Source SDK 2013 release also includes a new license that can be foundhere. This new license allows mod authors to share their changes to the SDK more easily.

The other change with the Source SDK is that now Hammer and the other mod tools ship with their respective games instead of as part of the SDK Launcher. The launcher itself is being phased out, so it will disappear from your Tools list. You can find information about how to run the tools from the games here.

The source for this new SDK release includes the latest code for all the included games, and has many new features:
. The games now build and run clients on Windows, OSX, and Linux. Dedicated servers are supported on Windows and Linux.
. Steam Pipe (the new Steam content delivery system) is supported by the sample mods. Existing mods can change their gameinfo.txt to match the new format and gain Steam Pipe support.
. Support for Virtual Reality via the Oculus Rift has been added to the SDK. Running a compatible mod with -vr on the command line will run the mod in stereo and enable head tracking on the Rift.

You can find instructions on getting started with the new Source SDK 2013 on the Valve Developer Community wiki.

MESA 1.1 – Shelf issue

When using a version of maya thas is different than Maya 2014, you probably experience an issue with the MESA Shelf.

To fix the issue, just download mesa again, and extract the ” maya/prefs/shelves/mesa_V1.mel ” to replace the older shelf in user “/documents/maya/your_version/prefs/shelves/“.

Thank you Roman for reporting this error on the forum.

The errors messages :

MESA shelf:”The shelf “MESA_V1″ has items that cannot be read.”
”// Error: Invalid flag ‘-flat’”


GamesTM – Interview


The directors of the mod project, Jurassic Life, had been interviewed to bring their vision about the Half Life modding scene.

Myself and Robert Olender, Directors for the Mod Project named “Jurassic Life”,  had participated to this interview who has been published into the londonian magazine Games TM (N° 132).

Click on the picture to read and enjoy the article. I hope I got the right to post the article here, but anyway I post it.

I had to thank,  Adams Barnes that has directed the interview . Also I want to thank the participants, David Meade (“No More Room In Hell”) and Davey Wreden (“The Stanley Parable”) for their words about the game modding .

Nicolas Kirsch


Thank you for the buzz

Hello mate, i would like to share my good feeling about what the medias coverage about the project I work on.

A special thank to Brian Altano and his team about the IGN news report, they made. It was fun to see you in the suit of Denis Nedry.
There is so many web site I would like to thank too for the coverage.