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Create a Source Engine Mod

Stage 1

Open the source SDK and Create anew mod.

You can choose between the first three options

  • modify HL2 Single player
  • modify HL2 Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer mod from template

Stage 2

1. The first path is the place where the mod Source file will be stored
this directory contains

  • mapsrc
  • materialsrc
  • modelsrc

This path can be what you want ( ex : c:/mymod/ ).

Note : This directory must not have a gameinfo.txt at his root.

2. the second string field to fill is the Name of your Mod project, as a directory in steamapps/sourceMods/ will be created with the name you choose.
note : prevent to add space and exotic characters.

This is the directory of the final mod, the one you will launch from steam to run your Mod.
And it contains :

  • maps
  • models
  • materials
  • gameinfo.txt

Additional informations : Create a mod on Valve Developer Community.

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