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MESA 1.1 Common Errors


If studiomdl log don’t appears into the script console of maya.

You must start steam if you want to compile your asset ( texture and model), as the binaries require steam library to work with the Vconfig game system.


The path from the texture file do not start with /Materiasrc/ directory.

The project hasn’t being properly set to the /modname_source/


When i click on Default Button of the Path Tab , the path is not ending with the Materialsrc directory.

  1. It’s possible that the sdk launcher config overwrite the environment path set in the maya.env, so edit your current game to the same one than set for MESA, or exit the sdk launcher.
  2. It’s possible the texturemap is out of the modname_source/materialsrc/ directory. so put your texture in /materialsrc/ folder with the TGA format, and the path could become the right one.


This mades both exportVTA and smdOptions unable to work.

// Error: $list[$cnt] = substitute “? $item “”;
// Error: Unterminated string.

Go to control panel -> region and language -> language for non-unicode
After changing this to English(United States), everything works well.


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