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Mesa_Config Help

Environment variables required in MESA_Config.bat

This parameter is necesary to determine the location of Steam and tools for each game using the Source engine and provides tools and content for Mod Maker.

This is the path to where extracted MESA (the root directory that contains the bin, projects, icons and scripts) .

This parameter is necessary so that when you run the batch file that copies the MESA Shelf in the Directory “Maya/prefs/Shelves/”
which is logically: c:/USER/DOCUMENTS/Maya/[VERSION]/prefs/shelves/

The choice depends on the version of Maya you use.
To use Maya 2014 , you must to define "2014-x64" because there is no more x86 version of maya 2014 (without the quotes).

Some Examples:

Maya Version Value
Maya 2016 2016
Maya 2015 2015-x64
Maya 2014 2014-x64
Maya 2013 64 bits 2013-x64
Maya 2013 32 bits 2013
Maya 2012 64 bits 2012-x64
Maya 2012 32 bits 2012
Maya 2011 32 bits 2011

Don’t Edit that value !
This Variable Extend the environement variable that maya check at the startup, it will simpy add the path within mesa directory , so maya can found the MESA scripts.

Don’t Edit that Value !
It simply points to the icons folder within the mesa directories.

This variable is not used anymore !
This is the name used to register your Steam account. This information helps to build the path to the directory “sourcesdk/source2009 /”, “sourcesdk/bin/source2007 /”, etc. ..
This is absolutely necessary if you are using version 2009, 2007 and 2006 (ep1, Orangebox) of the source sdk.

— red | updated : 15 Nov 2015

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