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Dota 2 Items creation guide



This GUIDE is under construction.

Last update : 11 dec 2013



A short resume about the workflow and the objective of this guide ( weapons/items )
requirement :


  • Source FilmMaker or Alienswarm or Counter Strike : Global Offensive.
  • MESA
  • MAYA
  • Dota 2

In this guide we will using source filmmaker or Alienswarm Sdk tools in how creation process and then export an item or a weapon for the Antimage heroes.

We will import the attack animations sequence of the hero so we could create some custom attacks sequences and test them into the Model Viewer with our new weapon.

Dota 2 note !


Dota 2 do not provide the Model viewer, so to have the complete tools to work i will simply use the sourcefilmaker sdk tools. This guide should also works with Alienswarm Authoring Tools.



Table of content
Section 1
Workspace for Dota 2 Set the Workspace environment for Maya and MESA to work with Source FilmMaker
Extract Content from VPK files Using GcfScape to Extract content to the disk from the VPK files
Decompile the items Models Decompile Models files using Crowbar or Studio Compiler
Import mesh and bones in Maya How to import reference model and sequences\, store multiple sequences under the mesa animation tab.
Section 2
Setup your items description
Export the items reference and lods description
Verify the heroes’s animations description
Section 3
Extract and decompile heroes model and animation description
Import animation in maya description
Create a new heroes animation description
Export the heroes animations description
Verify the animations in model viewer description


last update : 02 Nov 2013


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