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MESA 2.1

Change Log :

  • SMD IMPORT : Compatibility with crowbar mdl decompiler
  • SMD IMPORT : Rewrite of the ReadUntil function in use when you importing a SMD file in maya.
  • SMD IMPORT :Import Reference, no longer force maya to create a new scene when importing an SMD file.
  • SMD IMPORT : Mouse Cursor don’t flick anymore during the SMD importing process.
  • CONFIG/INSTALL : Simplification of MESA_Config.bat file.
  • SMD IMPORT (ref) : weight skin data greatly improved during the smd reference import in maya.
  • SMD IMPORT (ref) : very small skin value are pruned at the import process.
  • SMD IMPORT (seq) : don’t need anymore to rename the unknowdag1 object to “unknowdag”, let it with the default name, the smd sequence will stop to trhow you the error message about the missing unknowdag object.
  • SMD EXPORT : bug with the compileQc() function that give a wrong path to studiomdl.exe
  • SHELF TOOLs : BUG with the path to launch qcEye from the shelf
  • SHELF TOOLs : BUG with the path to open the current model into hlmv
  • COMPILE LOG : a printed information that bring confusion with a suspicious double quotation at the beginning of the path of studioMDL Compilation and VTEX.
  • *SAMPLE ASSETs* : adding some samples ready to use with maya and to compile with your game projects.


*Sample ASSETS*

Description :
This is a pre defined scene with a model place holder you can replace with your own character.
The model compile from maya with all animation/gestures/posture available(no flexes) for common humans npcs in source engine game ( hl2 especially)
How it works :

[todo : finish this mini tutorial, and link to it]
  1. Replace the template model by your model,
  2. you must to bind your character skin envelops to the exitent skeleton, but don’t move the bones.

Player_template (HL2/HLDM)

Description :

The model compile from maya, with all animation available for third person player models HLDM and HL2


The model compile from maya, the template model use in that scene is the buggy of HL2.
But to use that vehicle into your mod, you must to create all the animation set required by buggy_shared.qci

Check out how it has been done in HL2. if you use the vehicle with you custom mod, you will probably need to edit the source code to precache the models.
Important : ( use scripts/jeep_test.txt with the buggy vehicles)

BUG Reported :

During the import of the buggy in maya, all the bones names has been automatically formatted(renamed) from “Rig_Buggy.Frame” to “Rig_Buggy_Frame” ( note : the DOT and the UNDERSCORE )
there is many edit i made into buggy_shared.qci file, to match all the changes.

[todo : need a tutorial ?]



MESA 2.0

Core Modification :

  • The new environment System is now completely independent from the Source Sdk Environment variables.
  • Maya.env files is no longer used to define the environment variables that MESA require to work.
  • Mesa provides the project environment workspaces for 20 Games powered by the Source Engine.
  • All paths can contains some whitespaces.

The installation has been greatly simplified. Read the installation Tutorial and the Update instructions to upgrade from an older version of MESA.

Note : working with multiple Source Engine projects is very easy, and you don’t need to jump from directory to another one, with windows explorer, just click on the shelf icon to open the Sources and/or the Game directory.

PROCESS : you just need to execute one batch file to modify all the environment variables for another Source Engine Game or Mod, but you must to restart Maya for the modifications to take effect.

  • MESA Shelf installation is automatically copied into the right location in c:/Users/documents/maya/prefs/shelves/”.
  • MESA has been refine with a new User interface.
  • VtfEdit integration.
  • And some more


MESA 1.1

  • Filemenu.mel that overwrite the maya filemenu has been removed, all the commands are now available from the MESA shelf.
  • The Compile Log is now displayed now into the script Editor.
  • The Cube sample scene has been remade in maya 2012 , so more people could open the scene on different version of maya ( 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • New icons : Import SMD reference, Import SMD sequence, Export VTA


  • Connect poly shape
  • flipanim
  • create Tube
  • jsCreateCreature
  • usersetup.mel ( old custom valve menu with IK limb commands ).

Use Maya native tools instead of those very old commands :

  • ajrAutosave : maya as his own native autosave feature
  • autoconnectNonlinear.mel
  • WireframeOnShadedTog.mel
  • xrayTog.mel
  • PaintCrease.mel
  • PaintSmooth.mel
  • vertweld
  • UniteFaceUv
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