ZGametools Texturer : Generate tileable Alpha mask on fly

ZGametools is a complete toolset for Pixologic Zbrush 4R7.
Texturer is one tool from the toolset and is dedicated to Tileable Texture creation.

Some built-in Features :

  • Full none destructive work
  • Texturing in 3D environement.
  • Generate alpha mask from 3d model unlike (substance painter and quixel).
  • Take the advantage of all Native Zbrush features like Array mesh or Nanomesh.
  • and many more


Demo :

Description of the video :

Here you see how you can use material to preview sculpting, without to apply a deformation.
Have to use of all masking feature includes in Zbrush to get the desired effect.
Save the current masking as a tileable texture you can store within the Workspace Directory (workspace manager*)
And apply deformation when you are done, using the deformation panel.
Create new tileable alpha mask on the fly then Re apply the effect on a clean subtool (using framer ZTL files, that are shipped with ZGametools).

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