Hello World ! I’m still alive, just an..


… harder time with project and life stuffs.

I would d like to apologize about the lack of update, and the unfinished guide for Dota 2.

I would like to inform the MESA users that a last maintenance  will be provide and  BUT Mesa is DISCONTINUED, because I am moving up to new horizon in game development and i want to work with Engine that reflect the current technology in game industry, so I am sorry to leave MESA user without  any support for the source engine.

But you can still Post your help Topic into the forum, you probably noticed that i am very slow to respond with the question there are posted, happily with the wade number of people who download mesa 2.0.1 everyday, it seem that the installation system has successfully  made their effect, as the question are most commonly about the setup and the basic usage.

I can’t To say when this last update of mesa will be release, it will just fix few detail :

  • 1. Re-localization of source sdk in Common directory.
  • 2. adding import in Existent scene. So you could import a full collection set for your characters and the Valve workshop.


Nicolas Kirsch

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