MESA 1.1 is Out !

Hey dear Mesaians,
MESA 1.1 is out, you can download it on the installation page.

A Basic Workflow tutorial has been published to help new comers to free their creativity with maya and the source engine…

Maya 2014 has been released too the last week and Autodesk stop to develop for x86 CPU. So if you are using the 2014 version of maya with source engine, MESA is the only plugin that work at the moment, until that Valve update his own plugins.

A glossary is available to increase the richness of the articles, it more a work in progress, so don’t complain about the actual lack of descriptions.

If you already have your mesa to work with your mod, you can read the How to update to simply updates from the new Download file.

An Article that list the Common studioMDL errors, is also born that day to guide you a bit on the right path. MESA get his own Common error List too, you can post as comment or post on the forum, so i will inject more tips to resolve any type of problem.


MESA 1.1 Changelog :

  • Filemenu.mel that overwrite the maya filemenu has been removed, all the commands are now available from the MESA shelf.
  • The Compile Log is now displayed now into the script Editor.
  • The Cube sample scene has been remade in maya 2012 , so more people could open the scene on different version of maya ( 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • New icons : Import SMD reference, Import SMD sequence, Export VTA


  • Connect poly shape
  • flipanim
  • create Tube
  • jsCreateCreature
  • usersetup.mel ( old custom valve menu with IK limb commands ).

Use Maya native tools instead of those very old commands :

  • ajrAutosave : maya as his own native autosave feature
  • autoconnectNonlinear.mel
  • WireframeOnShadedTog.mel
  • xrayTog.mel
  • PaintCrease.mel
  • PaintSmooth.mel
  • vertweld
  • UniteFaceUv
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