My name is Nicolas Kirsch, and I was born in Paris and continue to live in Paris, France.

I started game development with Half life 1 Engine around 1999. Since that time, i 'd never stopped to learn various aspect of a game development.

I founded , a pedagogic web site with lot of tutorial from a french community of developers.

I worked for a time on War§ow project as character designer, models and textures, but it was in the very first time of the development.

to be continue..


  • Drawing, Modeling, Animation
  • MEL scripting, Programming
  • Music
  • Maya, Lightwave, Photoshop, Zbrush, C++ / C# / Java


Jurassic life : ( )

MESA : ( Plugin page )

War§ow : ( )

Game-Lab : ( )

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MESA 2.0 is a suite of MEL Scripts to export and import 3d models for the Valve Source Engine with Autodesk Maya. This is the short name for Maya Exporter for Source Engine Assets.


Access to my dev blog website


Founded in 2002 by myself, Game-lab was for a time the most important french website to propose tutorials dedicated to the Game Development...

The most important project, for the one i give 8 years of my life, I am one of the captain on the board as co-director, and technical director.
I am making dinosaurs and a bit of AI coding.
Jurassic life is a tribute to Jurassic park movie , we are working hard to create a perfect replica of the First movie, mixing both sources with the book written by Michael Crichton and the movie directed by Steven Spielberg.